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    New Event! Art & Beer Night 7/26

    New Event! Art & Beer Night 7/26

    Guess who's back, back again with another NEW event! 

    We are so pumped to be one of the art exhibitors at the 2nd Art & Beer Night Market in Los Angeles. We'll be in the fine company of other local artists, live music and food trucks! It means a lot to be able to participate in these local events. Los Angeles is a mecca for many things within media and entertainment and happens to be my home town so this is a pretty special one. 

    Art & Beer Night Market is brought to you by Alternative Entertainment adding this to their growing roster of unique events supporting local talent. 

    I love to travel and getting to share my work with so many people I wouldn't otherwise get to interact with in person but there's something about being part of the local scene. This is also a show that combines some of my favorite things, Art/Music/Consumables. Who could ask for anything more!?!

    Here's the deets, there is a cover to enter this market as this supports the venue Iron Triangle Brewery and organizers that throw the event. 

    Click here to snag $5 Pre-Sale Tickets 

    Yo DO NOT need to purchase tickets ahead of time in order to attend the event but you will save some quiche. $12 entry at the door for those that like to live their life on a whim. After entry you will have the opportunity to purchase items and support local artists like ya girl Jess Kovic of the Sugar Bunch! You'll also be able to purchase food from various food trucks and and/or drinks from the bar (15 beers on tap!)

    More information at the event website:

    You can also check them out on Instagram to stay in the loop and see more of the artists/vendors coming out for the event. 

    Thursday 7/26 7pm -12am
    Iron Triangle Brewing Company
    1581 Industrial Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90021

    We will have some of our classic items for sale like the Hot Damn, Dog T-shirt and the Salty Tank as well as postcard prints and our usual accessories. Additionally, I can finally confirm that we will have NEW enamel pins for sale at this event! I wasn't sure if they would make it in time but looks like Christmas came early. 


    So if you're able come on our to support your local art and booze scene. I can't wait to hang with you!

    xoxo Jess & Sugar Bunch

    RTX Pre-Order Is Here!

    RTX Pre-Order Is Here!

    Big news guys! Introducing RTX Austin Pre-Order!


    This will be the 4th RTX we've had the pleasure of exhibiting at and the 2nd RTX Austin. I've been looking forward to this show since the last day of RTX Austin 2017. I was on a high from meeting so many wonderful people, having our little "shop" on the show floor and getting to talk about the work all weekend. At the time I was fresh, green and unseasoned but over the last year I have acquired some serious flavor to spice up our experience. Now that we've been around the block a few times, I feel much better equipped to give you what you want for the sweetest RTX yet! Cue the pre-order! 

    I'm gonna level with ya, Sugar Bunch is continuing to grow but is in essence a small operation. Meaning, for the most part, a one woman show with occasional help/support from friends and family. When I say "we" it's me, it's you, it's the friends and family crew. The BUNCH! The way I'm able to make it happen is a Print On Demand model. This means most of the items in the shop are made to order and shipped directly from the printer. This is great for our online presence but can be a challenge for in person events. I try to have as many of the products that you've seen and love available for you, but with all of this in mind it just isn't possible (right now) to have EVERYTHING. My heart does break a little each time someone comes to the booth and excitedly requests an item I don't have with me. I'm extraordinarily happy with and proud of the products we've released, especially the new Electric Summer collection, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get what you want. For you, my darling, we're opening up pre-orders specifically for items that we aren't planning to bring to the show in large quantities. This way you can still walk away with THE THING you've had your eye on!

    Let's talk about what I WILL HAVE. Below is a list of apparel items that will be at the show...

    • Deer with the Headlight - Unisex T-Shirt
    • Ele-fly - Unisex T-Shirt
    • Lightning in a Bottle - Unisex T-Shirt
    • Bad Bitch Racerback Tank
    • Hot Damn, Dog - Unisex T-Shirt (Black)
    • Salty - Ladies Tank (Black)
    • Defaced Cat, Pizza - Unisex T-Shirt (select sizes XL - 3XL)
    • Lone Star - Unisex T-Shirt (select sizes L - 3XL)
    • Cock of the Walk - Unisex T-shirt (select sizes L - 3XL)

    Along with the above we MAY have some one offs here and there from past inventory but VERY limited quantities so I won't list those just yet. We will have some NEW accessories that will remain unnamed for now (because they aren't done yet, lol). We will also have more stud earrings and Defaced Cat Beauty products. 

    I know we have so much more to love in the store so this is where the Pre-Order comes in. The below items are now available for Pre-Order! 

    • Deer with the Headlight - Racerback Tank
    • Ele-Fly - Muscle Tank
    • Lightning in a Bottle - Shirttail Tank
    • Blast Off Reversible Bikini
    • Space Suit One Piece
    • Party All Night Towel
    • Party All Night Tote Bag
    • Tri-Hard Leggings
    • Tri-Hard Mini Skirt
    • Dotted Line Leggings
    • Dotted Line Mini Skirt 


    All of these items are from the Electric Summer line. If you have your eye on a classic item that isn't yet listed, let me know! Comment here or send me an email at and I'll make it available. 

    Here's all the details...

    If you'll be attending RTX Austin August 3rd, 4th, 5th you can preorder these select items to be picked up at our booth! Skip the shipping cost and rest assured you'll get what you want in your size. Order/pay now and it will be ready at the booth for you to grab any time during the show. We will not be carrying these items other than what has been pre-ordered so the time is now! 

    DEADLINE: You must place your order on or before July 20th to ensure it will be ready for the show. Pre-Order will be closed after the 20th.

    You must pick up your order before the end of the show August 5th at the Sugar Bunch booth. Orders that are not picked up will not be shipped unless you pay an additional fee for shipping. Email to arrange shipping payment after the show. We are not granting any returns or exchanges once you have placed the order. 

    In order to pick up your item you will need to show proof of purchase, an order number, name with I.D. or show me your confirmation email. 

    I hope that this new program will satisfy everyone's Sugary desires. If you have any questions, hit me up! Comment on this blog, email and/or reach out via social. Again, it's new, I want to work out any kinks together to give you the best shopping and show experience EVER! 

    Can't wait to see you all in Austin!

    Ya gurl,
    xoxo -Jess

    All About Our Summer Line...

    All About Our Summer Line...


    A couple of months ago I gave myself an assignment. The Design a Day challenge. All through the month of April I challenged myself to create and post something on Instagram each day. This was a great exercise to force myself into creativity. Even though it was tough at times, I definitely came out with a handful of work that I'm actually pretty proud of. I'm happy to say that I made it through only missing 2 days (and gave myself grace for that). A good deal of the Electric Summer line was born from that exercise. Now let's dive into the inspiration and thought process that lead the way.

    The summer collection is a state of mind. I always wanted Sugar Bunch to be a movement of self expression. Not only for myself but for everyone. I know what it's like to have something to say, to have a big idea or just really want to share the real you but you don't know how, feel like it leaves you too vulnerable or you just aren't ready. I create my designs to express myself. It's almost my alter ego or the part of me that I want to let out but something holds it back. THAT me is outgoing, loud, quirky and wonderfully weird. THAT me is confident and unapologetic in life and style. And THAT is exactly the inspiration for Electric Summer. It's #livingyourbestlife in all the ways you want to this season. It's about embracing the heat of the weather and embracing your own hot ass. I want all of our items to make a statement and you get to decide what that is. Maybe they're a conversation starter that will lead you to new friends and experiences. Maybe companionship isn't what you crave, so you strap on some sunnies to match your summer sugar and let your style do the talking. No further steps needed. 

    My true goal with this line is to let you illuminate yourself, the fly ass motha fucka you are and always have been. That and to create pieces that get ME all hot. Trust that these items got me saying' "damn. I want to wear that. And then take it off, know what I'm sayin" ;)

    Here are some key elements that brought the collection together...

    Sunglasses - I don't know about you but sunglasses help me transform into a complete badass. They're mysterious and leave the world guessing what's really on your mind. Let them guess. Plus, don't nobody need to be givin' you shade cuz you've already got your own. Wether you're a Bad Bitch or Ele-fly, sunglasses are awesome everyday armor. 

    Party - Summer = parties. Whatever your particular brand of partying is - pool, dance, lan, nap. School's out, time to stay up way too late, wear you sunglasses into the night and GET. WET. (all subtext implied here and also hello swimwear!). For those of us working, work is still in but the sunlight stays out a little longer giving you more party time. When you attend those parties, your'e gonna want to be feelin' yoself in these hot summer looks. 

    Space - This is a through line in a lot of my designs so I couldn't help but sprinkle some star particles throughout the collection. Summer is a time for adventures. Even if you don't have any travel plans you can wear these items and boldly go nowhere at all but you'll still be fly AF. Vacation or staycation alike, we're taking a hell of a trip around the universe. 

    Electricity - The heat is rising and we gotta match it blaze for blaze. Don't let the sun out scorch you. And when the sun goes down we're still bringing the heat in the form electric fashion. Embrace warm summer nights with neon signs and neon clothing. Hot pink, electric blue and ultraviolet purple colors brought this collection to life with a jolt. Baby you're a firefly in the summer sky. So let that lightning out of the bottle at least for a few months.


    I am so excited to share all of these ideas with you that I've been sitting on for months. I hope you're inspired to have the best summer ever and look super fly while doing it. Fashion and style are tools. You can use them at your discretion. The best part is you don't HAVE to explain it to anyone, but it's there to help you be the you that you want to be. Electric.

    Stay cool for the summer my friends! 

    All my summer lovin', 
    xoxo - Jess  

    May Sweet Select - I met The Shadow King!

    The Shadow King shirt inspired by Legion on FX.

    Hey guys! 

    For those that have been following along on social media (and if you haven't please come join us, the Insta water is fine!), you know all about our new Sweet Selects program. In fact, it's all about YOU. If not, here's a brief recap. I want to make every effort to connect with you all and make cool stuff that you'll love as much as I do. As part of that initiative, we cooked up Sweet Selects. Every month we'll have a limited time T-shirt design that will be available for purchase for that month only. This will allow us to try out more designs and provide some exclusives for the sweetest of sugar babies following along each month. While we're at it, I wanted to get you even more involved. I figure if I'm going to put out an exclusive item, it might as well be something you want. So each month, about a week before the 1st, there will be 2 options to vote on. The winning design will be the Sweet Select of the next month. Voting will take place via Instagram in a story poll. 

    And that ladies and gentlemen is how we got to The Shadow King. It was a tough yet strategic race. I had it pitted against Clem Fandango. Both of these designs are inspired by arguably obscure pop culture, Legion and Toast of London. The race was ridiculously close which surprised me seeing as Toast of London is no longer running (for now). None the less, The Shadow King proved victorious. 


    If ya'll don't know how much I am FEELING the Legion TV series on FX, you're about to. This is hands down my favorite show right now and possibly my favorite Marvel venture. It's really pretty different than your average super hero TV/Movie. It plays on psychosis and examining reality as we know it and it's so creative in execution. The performances are next level and don't even get me started on the visual tone <3

    As luck would have it, and maybe the my reward for publicly exuding all of my Legion love all over town, I was blessed with a Shadow King encounter IRL. The one and only Navid Negahban who portrays The Shadow King, Farouk, happened to be part of the cast for The Blacklist and I was there for a friend who was part of the cast as well. I hoped he wouldn't be too freaked out that I drew his face but I was able to show him the design and he couldn't have been nicer. I quote "one of the better ones". I AM DEAD.


    So, if you too would like to own a Legion inspired shirt that was literally blessed by The Shadow King himself you have until the end of May to do so. I think that's pretty damn special. 

    A new episode is on tonight and I'm so excited to see my BFF King (we're BFFs now). Tweet me if you want to chat about it! But like probably tomorrow to make sure I have a chance to see it cuz I don't have cable lol. And let me know what you think of the design if you weren't one of the super sweeties that voted for it. Looking forward to June's election, I've already got the candidates in mind :) 

    Forever yours (at least in this reality),


    EVENT - Free Comic Book Day! @ Pine Ave. Comics

    EVENT - Free Comic Book Day! @ Pine Ave. Comics

    My friends! It's already May, wtf. It's all good, we've got another event coming at ya. Our buds at Pine Avenue Comics in Long Beach is having a Free Comic Book day and we'll tabling as an exhibitor. 

    We'll have our greatest hits like Salty Tanks and Hot Damn Shirts along with some art prints and our Sweet Select of the month, The Shadow King T-Shirt! 

    So come hang out, get your free comics and then pick up some sugar while you're at it. 

    Details from Pine Avenue Comics...

    Free Comics for everyone!
    Meet Keith Jett from @thewarartist this Saturday May 5th.
    Free Ccomic Book Day at Pine Avenue Comics
    755 Pine Ave Long Beach Ca 90813

    💥Music 💥Various Exhibitors 💥Dance Contest 💥 Trivia 💥Name that tune 💥Multiple prizes to win 💥Various Collectables to purchase 💥Raffle for Grand Prize
    Visit us in Downtown Long Beach 📲 Follow us on instagram @pineavenuecomics